Wallpaper Calendars – February 2013

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Another month is upon us, so here we are with our brand new February 2013 Wallpaper Calendars. This is the first time we provide you with a good old 4:3 ratio resolution, so you can use our wallpaper on your older screens, too! As always, they’re all free to download. Here’s how it looks in 4:3.



Download Wallpaper Calendars February 2013

feb-13-wide feb-13-std

Thank you

I’d like to thank DigitalPhenom on DeviantART for this amazing artwork of the laptop image. Also, a big thanks goes to Lacza from LaczaDesign for this astonishing wallpaper he made. Check out his website, too!


This is it for February, please if you like the wallpaper, share this post with your friends! Thanks.

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  • ululf01 said on 2013.02.12. at 9:49 Reply

    wow, very nice calendar walpaper i try first


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